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    Natural HR Guides

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    A beginner's guide to HR software

    In this beginner's guide, you'll find everything you need to know about evaluating, buying and implementing HR software.

    - Key terms and phrases to know

    - Typical features and advice for implementation

    - How to make your business case for investment

    HR in 2019 and beyond: trends, challenges and priorities

    In this research report, we answer some of HR's biggest questions, including:

    - Where do the priorities of HR professionals lie for the next 12 months?

    - What challenges do they expect to come across?

    - What does the future of HR really look like to UK businesses?

    Implementing HR software: 5 simple steps to success

    Have you recently invested in HR software? Feeling daunted at the prospect of implementing it?

    - Ensuring a successful implementation

    - Steps to take during implementation

    - Tips and advice from our experts

    How to get your businessto invest in HR software

    A comprehensive guide to gain buy-in from leadership to invest in HR.

    - How to build a credible business case

    - Choose between cloud and on-premise

    - How to persuade key stakeholders

    What GDPR means for HR in your business

    A guide to highlight the key HR challenges presented by GDPR.

    - Employee rights and consent

    - How to handle data breaches

    - How HR teams need to handle data

    The first 90 days: The challenges faced by new HR leaders

    How best to emerge victorious within the first 90 days as an HR leader.

    - Why it's important to go back to basics

    - How to secure quick wins

    - When to develop an HR strategy

    How to get started with HR analytics

    Many businesses lack the insights to make effective people decisions.

    - Define goals and set up your analytics

    - Use accurate data for your analytics

    - Benefits of a single, integrated system