The HR Expert series covers best practices in the field of HR. Every month we feature the brightest minds in the world of HR to share their insights and the latest thinking on a key HR issue or capability.

Guest webinar featuring Annabel Kaye

Recorded on: Wednesday, 17th October

Length: 30 minutes with Q&A

In this webinar recording, we were joined by top hr influencer and gig economy expert, Annabel Kaye who shared her insights into how to avoid gig economy legal problems. Specifically, Annabel covered:

  • What HR needs to do to manage gig economy workers
  • How to avoid being fined
  • Supporting line managers who hire gig workers
  • Working with finance departments who pay gig workers.

annabelcruise - headshot

ABOUT ANNABEL: Annabel Kaye founded Irenicon (a specialist HR and employment law consultancy) in 1980. Since then she has helped thousands of business people work out how to contract and manage the people they pay in a way that is appropriate for their business.

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