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With the ongoing revolution of the workplace, the World Economic Forum suggests that every employee needs an additional 101 days of training by 2022 to stay competitive. It’s therefore no wonder that learning and development is a priority for most HR teams. Yet, despite an increase in training programmes, often the learning provided quickly turns to stone and isn’t actually put into practice.

Frustrated by the alarming speed of learning loss in organisations, our next HR Expert, Scott Leiper, will teach us how we can make learning stick. Helping HR teams deliver the true value of employee training - such as improved performance, greater employee satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

Scott will explore:

  • A journey of Insight And Delight - how to make learning more social and human
  • Making it sticky - how the Cognitize concept can help turn new learning into action
  • Ideas - The value of experimentation in learning
  • Sharing - Why it’s important to share your learning forward
  • Kindness - inspiring random acts of learning kindness


About Scott

Scott is an award-winning creative, imaginative and commercially focused leadership, management and personal development expert. Scott has provided consultancy services for 100’s of different organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors of the last 10 years through his business The Learning Lab.

He has an established reputation for making often-complex strategies and theories simple, practical and memorable. From designing an award-winning conceptual theme park as a vehicle to communicate an organisational change strategy to shaping business transformation around the wonder of the Cosmos. His unique approach to using learning iconography and conceptual design is much sought after.
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