The HR Expert series covers best practices in the field of HR. Every month we feature the brightest minds in the world of HR to share their insights and the latest thinking on a key HR issue or capability.

HR expert webinar

Guest webinar featuring Scott Leiper

Recorded on: Wednesday, 25th September

Length: 45 minutes with Q&A

What was covered?

Learning and development is a top priority for most HR teams. Yet, despite an increase in training programmes, often the learning provided quickly turns to stone and isn't actually put into place.

In this webinar recording, we were joined by the award-winning and personal development expert, Scott Leiper. Scott explored how HR teams can deliver the true value of employee training - such as improved performance, greater employee satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

  • A journey of insight and delight - how to make learning more social and human
  • Making it sticky - how the cognitize concept can help turn new learning into action. 
  • Ideas - the value of experimentation in learning 
  • Sharing - why it's important to share your learning forward
  • Kindness - inspiring random acts of learning kindness


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