What you'll learn

Hiring talent remains the number one concern of CEOs according to a Conference Board Annual Survey. However, there are principles you can employ to ensure you consistently attract and integrate the best in-class-talent.

Founder of People Puzzles, Ally Maughan, returns to the HR Expert series to showcase how you can make your recruitment process more efficient while identifying the star performers and seamlessly integrating them into your team.

Ally will explore: 

  • Identifying a vacancy fit for purpose.
  • Effectively communicating what you need. 
  • Understanding where your business is at, and what you need next.
  • How to 'gauge fit' potential candidates.
  • The importance and role of psychometric profiling.
  • Introducing and integrating your new superstars.


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About Ally Maughan & People Puzzles

Ally is an established human resource professional who has a strategic eye and mindset for transforming ambitious mid-tier companies. In 2010, Ally realised that people problems were often the most significant, single factor holding a company back from growth. 

This revelation inspired Ally to found People Puzzles. Despite being a lone-ranger HR consultant at the time, throughout the past decade, 70 likeminded experts have joined Ally in delivering commercially savvy, part-time HR Director experience. 

People Puzzles work collaboratively; developing a strategic people plan which thrives on employees working together. In combining company-wide perspectives, People Puzzle design a bespoke, personal approach that leads to measurable results and sparks company growth. 

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