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What you'll learn

Time is a curious thing. In fact, a study by The Mirror identified 2,000 workers were wasting 142 minutes a day - more than two hours - doing admin, paperwork and attending irrelevant meetings when they could be getting on with more pressing matters. That’s over 10 weeks lost every year!

Managers often have one of the heaviest workloads in an organisation, so it can be difficult for them to balance their output while catering to the needs of their team. Often, the reason why your managers have no time to do the right things is that they're too busy doing the wrong things.

In our next HR Expert webinar, author, Time Rebel and creator of the Diary Detox®, Paul Holbrook will showcase five simple questions to help your people take a step back out of the weeds, look at how they're spending their time and stop them from focusing on activities that add no value.

Paul will uncover:

  • What your people WANT to do
  • What your people THINK they are doing
  • What your people ARE actually doing
  • What your people BELIEVE they should be doing
  • HOW MUCH your people are doing


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About Paul Holbrook

Having spent 20 years working in the City of London (he wasn’t a banker!), Paul turned his back on the fat pay cheque and walked away. Sick and tired of watching the toxic effects people’s diaries were having on themselves and everyone around them, he created the Diary Detox® with one simple purpose in mind…to create a world of better-led people.

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