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In a recent paper, The Mental Health Foundation uncovered that 70 million working days are lost per year in the workplace due to mental health. 

Due to alarming statistics like this,  it's no wonder why so many HR professionals are talking about mental health in the workplace. However, do we ever consider if an employee is malingering? And more importantly, do we know what steps to take if we suspect this?

In our next HR Expert webinar, Helen Pericleous from PsycHR will discuss the sensitive topic of whether an employee might be falsifying or exaggerating their mental ill-health to evade work or possibly delay a disciplinary hearing.

Helen will explore:

  • What is malingering?
  • How might malingering come to your attention, or how might you suspect it?
  • The impact of malingering on the organisation.
  • Practical steps HR can take and when in the process to take them.
  • The risk of misidentifying.
  • Cases in the Law.
  • The importance of mental health in the workplace and awareness of misuse.
  • Balancing commerciality and wellbeing.


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About PsycHR:

PsycHR is a leading mental health training and HR consultancy company, who have built a valuable reputation for their unique approach to promoting mental health in the workplace whilst balancing commercial productivity.

The content from this webinar is taken from 1 of 10 specialist training modules. PsycHR's training brochure on mental health in the workplace will be circulated after the webinar, or you can contact them at customerservices@psychr.co.uk.

PsycHR "Our philosophy is to not erroneously invoke capability, disciplinary or performance management procedures when there is an underlying issue which could be resolved. Organisations should instead look to Develop, Motivate, and Retain members of their workforce, and be mindful of their talented and high performing employees who might be experiencing a dip."

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