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What you'll learn

Throughout these unprecedented times, many companies are sprinting to keep up. With this, some HR professionals are being asked to make and endorse decisions that may not align with their personal values or those of their organisation. In these situations, how can HR professionals optimise decision-making without becoming a blocker to progress?

In our next HR Expert Webinar, Founder of Lattitude Consultancy, Alex Hayward will explore how you can stay resourceful and take situation-led perspectives when faced with wider implications. 

Alex will cover:

  • How to stay resourceful when faced with difficult decisions.
  • Working in a collaborative fashion with challenging stakeholders.
  • How our values affect us emotionally.
  • How to avoid being trapped by right and wrong thinking.


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About Alex Hayward

Alex is the founder of the Lattitude Consultancy. His mission is to develop extraordinary leaders, teams and organisations that can harness the collective energy, intelligence and talent of their people. At the heart of Alex's mission, he delivers radical improvements in the way people collaborate intelligently within their teams, across their organisation and with external partners.

Collaboration is easy when we all think the same, but differences can either be a source of conflict or provide an enriched understanding of a situation. Alex has worked with many HR leaders and teams over the last 15 years to think more systemically, act more collaboratively and deliver more sustainable results.

Alex has an MSc in Psychological Coaching and a unique talent to identify the psychological, relational and cultural factors that may be impeding a team or organisation's ambitions. This has led him to work with a range of well-known companies such as Etihad Airways, Virgin Trains, IBM, Orange and the BBC.


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