What Was Covered?

In this instalment of our HR Expert series,  EmotionMind Connection Therapist and motivational speaker, Hayley T. Wheeler showcased how to develop the skills, tools, and knowledge to support HR in finding an emotional balance whilst looking after their own mental health.

  • Overcoming the challenges to your wellbeing
  • Enhancing emotional performance
  • Understanding the fundamentals of wellbeing
  • Developing your own self-care


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About Hayley T. Wheeler

Hayley T Wheeler is the original EmotionMind Connection Therapist, an accidental author and motivational speaker. Since getting to the other side of depression, Hayley has helped 100’s of adults, children and families improve their mental health with her EmotionMind Dynamic programme.

Hayley’s passion is to help adults, children and families understand how emotions impact their choices, in order for them to gain back control & happiness.

Her mission is to empower people to develop their super power, self knowledge, her personal experience and that of her clients, tells her that self informed people make better life, relationship, financial, business and family decisions.

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