What Was Covered?

Paul Dickinson from the Lattitude Consultancy explored how we can examine our own approach to HR and ways in which we can re-focus and heighten our impact; how we can 'choose less to be more'.  

  • The identity crisis taking place in many HR teams and how our desire to 'prove our worth' is sabotaging our credibility and ambitions. 
  • Why adopting a mindset of 'bravery' and 'courage' blocks our ability to have great conversations with key decision-makers. 
  • How your HR expertise can actually block your ability to solve problems and why it's helpful to know when this is happening. 


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About Paul Dickinson

Paul is an experienced human resources professional with a proven track record of business transformation. He has a burning desire to support leaders and teams with effectiveness and helping to build work cultures that allow people to collaborate and perform at their consistent best.

This is demonstrated in his work as a partner at the Lattitude Consultancy which specialises in developing extraordinary leaders, teams and organisations that can harness the collective energy, intelligence and talents of their people.

Alongside his work at Lattitude, Paul is renowned for his work as the 'Rest Bandit'. His Rest Bandit Workshops provide an innovative approach to effectiveness and wellbeing. These sessions help busy professionals achieve greater focus by thinking intelligently about their rest and recovery time and using this as a key driver of their effectiveness.

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