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What you'll learn

According to the mental health foundation, more than eight in ten (82%) of UK adults have experienced stress because of COVID-19. A further 42% of employees wish to experience less anxiety at work during 2021.

2020 has been full of mental health worries, isolation and loneliness, so with this in mind, HR leaders will need to integrate new ways of promoting and supporting good mental health in the workplace while getting rid of the challenges caused within the past year.

For the first HR Expert webinar of the New Year, Director of PsycHR, Helen Pericleous will address the current mental health landscape at work, critical research and findings, discuss the ROI of mental health initiatives and help inform you on how to build your employee wellbeing strategy for 2021.

Helen will uncover:

  • Considering the ROI of your mental health initiatives
  • How to build an employee wellbeing strategy for your HR agenda 2021
  • Global mental health research and findings
  • The importance of mental health for attracting, motivating, developing and retaining talent


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About PsycHR

PsycHR is a leading mental health training and HR consultancy company, who have built a valuable reputation for their unique approach to promoting mental health in the workplace whilst balancing commercial productivity.

"Our philosophy is to not erroneously invoke capability, disciplinary or performance management procedures when there is an underlying issue which could be resolved. Organisations should instead look to Develop, Motivate, and Retain members of their workforce, and be mindful of their talented and high performing employees who might be experiencing a dip."

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