Recorded on: Thursday, 15th November

Length: 30 minutes with Q&A

Working with templates enables you to standardise repeatable employee communications such as offers of employment, confirmation of end of probation, confirmation of a new manager, salary changes and pensions - the latter is now especially important with auto-enrolment. Templates can be used as a single or all employee communication and then stored on your system.

Natural HR works in a similar way to 'mail merge', but we call the fields ‘tags’, which are populated with employee information. As our system is cloud-based, you avoid storing personal information on your local machines, which also makes you more compliant with the GDPR.

In our latest customer training webinar, Sarah Dowzell explored:

  • Easily uploading and creating templates within the system
  • Running a template-based communication through Natural HR
  • Accessing stored templates and communications in your system
  • Triggering templates as part of a workflow, such as on-boarding
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